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Book reviews for my debut aromatherapy book

In the last 3 months, there have been 3 reviews of my book Working with unusual oils – an aromatic journey with lesser known essential oils. Volume 1, with more to come later in the year. The comments so far have been very humbling.

The first was in the newsletter, written by Jonathan Hinde. Jonathan comments “What is so impressive about the book is not only the attention to detail, but also the way she examines the properties of the oil from a number of different angles.” He adds, “Helen devotes 6-7 lively, and very readable pages to each oil, discussing it’s background mentioning cautions and safety issues, sustainability, its personality, and uses in different areas including suggested recipes.”

The international aromatherapy magazine Aromatika magazine ( said “this debut work makes a valuable addition to even the humble aromatherapists bookshelf. I can highly recommend this.”

In Essence (the journal for the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) wrote “Helen’s evocative writing style highlights her aromatherapy journey. She shares her knowledge enthusiastically, encouraging the reader on a journey of discovery. The number of oils she covers is large enough to be interesting but focused enough not to be overwhelming. Much hard work has gone into researching the oils explored in this book and it is definitely a volume worth adding to your bookshelf for inspiration and reference.”

The book is available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. The paperback is also available from as are all the essential oils profiled in the book.

Thank you to everyone that has purchased the book and provided me with so much positive feedback. Meanwhile, I continue to work on volume 2…

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